Friday, July 20, 2012

Water Blob Fun!

I was reading this neat tutorial by Clumsy Crafter on how to make water blobs yesterday, and thought the kids would enjoy it, so I immediately gave it a try with what I had on hand. I used a couple commercial grade trash bags instead and taped the edges, leaving a small hole just enough to fit a hose. Once they were filled up with water, I taped it up and voila! instant water blobs!

add some water to the surface for slippery fun!

Since they had so much fun, I think I'll head over to the store to purchase the plastic sheeting (about $10) that is required to make an actual 'genuine' water blob! Be careful, however and make sure to clear out a large area around the blobs since the surface can get pretty slippery!
Go here to learn more about water blobs. Happy Blobbing and have a nice weekend!