Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice cream for your flu?

When I was a kid, everytime I had a sore throat or a bad cough, my mama would make me ginger, lemon, honey tea. It would make me feel better every time.
Now that I'm a mother, I continue to make this for my kids.
They were reluctant at first because of the grated ginger, but since have learned to like it!
Recently however, I discovered the "Influenza Sorbet" by Jenis made with similar ingredients.
I bet my kids would enjoy this so much more!

Cayenne pepper, ginger, Maker's Mark bourbon, honey, orange and lemon juices. "Cures" whatever ails you.This cold and flu season staple is modeled on the home remedy Jeni's mother and grandmother used to make when anyone in the family was under the weather. Sniffles, aches, and fevers meant one thing: a mug of hot whiskey with honey and lemon juice, then straight to bed.

We may just have to try this! Looks like its available at your local Bristol Farms Market