Monday, April 8, 2013

The Zoo

We took the kids to the Los Angeles Zoo this weekend. I highly recommend visiting the zoo when it first opens. Its cooler, the animals are well rested and active, and you'll have the rest of your afternoon to do other things!
Mr. Meerkat was really photogenic!

The cool entrance to the LAIR. The kids loved all the exotic reptiles and amphibians. 
The vegetation around the park is beautiful this time of year. 

I love a round cactus. 
This large silverback gorilla took a large number 2 in front of us! The kids got so excited!
They were also fascinated with how tiny a giraffe poop was...
A lot of pooping going on...
Love this. 
The greenest lizard I've ever seen. 

I think these elephants were hand painted...pretty.