Monday, July 15, 2013

Red Wagon Makeover

A friend of mine wanted to borrow our little red wagon for her sister's wedding for the ring bearer to ride in....isn't that a cute idea? Although the wagon was used only a mere two times to haul my then toddler children through the grounds of the Los Angeles County Fair, it was in no condition to make an appearance in a wedding! It sat outdoors and I was using it as a garden cart to hold my empty pots and gardening tools. The paint was chipping off, and the interior was just awful!
However, after a good scrub, some sanding, and a  fresh coat of paint, I must say it looks pretty good!

I used Japanese origami paper to line the interior. Japanese paper, especially the handmade kind really adheres well to wood. I used an outdoor sealant to coat the top to make water resistant and easy to wipe down.

I used a brighter red color from the original red that was used.  I chose paint by Behr called "Bullfighter".