Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road trip ( Part 1 )

We had an amazing time with family during our vacation! We took our road trip up north, cruising through many cities with all different vibes! My in-laws flew in from Hawaii to join us on our little adventure! We experienced quite a bit for a 7 day trip.

LAX - - > San Jose. (first stop)

Our first stop was the Willow Glen area of San Jose, California. It is a beautiful tree lined neighborhood with cute little shops with an old town feel. We had to take the kids to Powell's Sweet Shoppe
They carry all the old school candy we grew up eating!

Choices, choices! 

The kids really enjoyed the Cotton Candy Factory Machine they have in their store!
For $2, you can watch the machine make cotton candy for you while playing quirky carnival music.

Willow Glen --> Cupertino, San Jose, CA

Next stop was Apple Inc. in Cupertino, San Jose, California.
Since we were already in San Jose, we figured we have to stop by the Mothership right?
They also have a Apple Company Store there where they have cute products like polo shirts, water bottles, and onesies for babies bearing their infamous Apple logo.
The kids more enjoyed running around the Apple campus....must've been all the sugar they ate???