Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little French Girl

 This year's costume reflects Maya's dream to visit Paris France one day! This "Little French Girl" costume is made with  recycled foam board from Maya's second grade project for the Eiffel tower and deconstructed Goodwill finds for her whole outfit.

We found a striped hoodie at Goodwill and cut off the hood.
We reused the hood fabric to cover the elastic straps that attaches to the Eiffel tower.
That way she can carry the tower on her like a backpack. It camoflaged nicely into the striped top.

We found a polka dotted tutu and a red robe also at Goodwill.
We covered the tutu with strips of the red robe fleece fabric to create the poofy skirt.

I found a free baret template online and used some of the red robe fleece fabric to create this.
I added a red pom pom on top.

Eiffel tower - We transformed the foam board with grey paint, black sharpie, and glitter. I used an exacto knife to cut out the design. The Eiffel tower is architecturally incorrect, but we wanted to make it fun! We added a tea light on top with hot glue, for a "light-up feature"!

Voila! One happy little French girl!