Friday, March 7, 2014

Funky Fresh T- shirts

I was given the opportunity to design simple T-shirts for Maya and her dance crew's school 'talent show'.
They will be performing a hip hop dance routine. With three boys and two girls in the group, I thought red was a gender neutral color and would look great on stage! Where did they ever get the name "Funky Fresh Beach Bunch" you ask? Well it was originally going to be Funky Fresh Five, however, we weren't sure if all 5 were going to be able to remain in the group. We agreed to change the name to 'Funky Fresh Beach Bunch', as a ode to their amazing 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Beach!

I was able to purchase plain colored T-shirts from Michaels
They carry an array of colors and sizes for just about $5. 

I printed out the fonts and black bursts (based on my digital design) onto cardstock and used an exacto knife to create my own templates. I traced them onto sticky back felt and applied to the shirts. For extra security I sewed down each letter.

 I sewed on some faceted black beads for extra sparkle.

I used fabric ink and my hand carved logo stamp to create custom labels.

I printed my own 'care' tags on thick cardstock and added details with black fine point Sharpie and gold Sakura markers (my personal favorite).

I will be passing them out today at dance practice.
I hope the kids and the parents enjoy their shirts! Fingers crossed....