Monday, June 9, 2014

VW Show

We went to a classic Volkswagon show called VW Show & Shine  held at Prado Regional Park this past weekend. J had friends in town from Hawaii, avid VW collectors and enthusiasts themselves, which led us to this show ironically held in Chino our neighboring city. J also drove a VW bus around Hawaii back in the days so it definitely was something of interest to him as well.

I was immediately taken by the 'laid back' culture. You had a mixer of different people of all ages, and ethnicity which I loved! I also loved the fact that each vehicle had its own character and flavor, and that the imperfections were what some VW owners accentuated with pride!

From super souped to down right gritty, I thought all the VWs were just beautiful in their own special way! Aloha, until next time! We hope to see you beauties here again next year!