Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Public Star Party at Griffith Observatory

Free public star parties are held monthly at Griffith Observatory from 2:00 pm to 9:45 pm monthly.
Parking is free too! Bring a picnic and enjoy their breathtaking views and exhibits, as you dine al fresco under the stars! We did just that over the weekend, sans stars, it ended up being a bit overcast.
However, this was a blessing in disguise...We were able to view the most amazing sunset!

Tesla coil. 

My friend Sandy  (in white) is so funny! She brought a table in a bag believe it or not! It was actually pretty awesome.

Our dear friend Brad ( the amateur astronomer ) explains it all. 

LA looks the best at night. 


This view!

Katy takes in the view. This women is a sensational baker! She brought us her homemade ciabatta bread. Yum! 

Jaxon with his new gyroscope. 

Griffith Observatory  /  /2800 East Observatory Road / Los Angeles CA 90027 / 213 - 473 - 0800Gri /