Thursday, September 4, 2014

Olli Loungers

I really want one of these Olli Loungers bad!! They are so beautiful!

These are all hand-embroidered using the Otomi embroidery technique. The heart of Otomi embroidery is located in the town of Tenango, Hidalgo, Mexico. Tenango, a small town located on a plateau in a lush valley surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls is home to hundreds of embroiderers.

 Olli a luxury craft company, based in San Francisco, is dedicated to designing beautiful handmade products that honor technique and tradition. They work with a small collective of embroiderers to produce a range of custom luxury soft furniture and pillows. The embroiderers are registered with the government and set their prices with Olli for each project every year. It takes an embroider 3 to 4 months to complete an Olli Lounger.

I will take one of each please!

Olli / 550 Florida Street, Suite E, San Francisco, CA 94110 / 415-205-4200