Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Maya's Athena Costume

Dress: $1.00 plastic tablecloth with gold ribbon trimming.

Helmet: Cardboard structure, newspaper papier mache. Puffy paint for dimension and feathers.
               Original post on the helmet is here if you are interested.

Arm cuffs: Maya added strips of newspaper to felt. Puffy paint for dimension and gold paint.
                  Velcro closure.

     Spear: End of a broom stick, foam tip, puffy paint for details, and gold paint.

Shield: $1.00 plastic serving tray. Puffy paint detail and gold paint.

Cape: My old sleeveless knit dress cut in half, buttons removed, arm holes sewed closed. 
           Ribbon trim details. 

    Belt: Rope painted gold.

Slippers: Maya's yard slippers painted gold.