Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sakura Mom and Me Contest

Maya and I were fortunate to win the #SakuraMomandMe giveaway contest put on via Sakura of America's  instagram account. The contest was to make a collaborative art with our child as part of their way to celebrate mom's on Mother's Day. Maya and I created and submitted the two mandalas above. The one that was chosen, was created with a black Sakura Pen-Touch. Maya and I took turns building the mandala, then we colored it in with Sakura moonlight and Sakura metallic gellyroll pens.   
We were so ecstatic when we found out because we have always used and been a fan of Sakura art products! My father even used Sakura crayons growing up in Japan! We will be receiving $80 worth of art supplies which Maya and I cannot wait to receive! Yay!  

About Sakura : Sakura initially started as a crayon company in 1921. Disappointed that traditional crayon colors didn’t mix or overlay well, the innovative founders of Sakura began to experiment with different formulations to create an ideal stick drawing material. By 1924, Sakura invented the first-ever oil pastel that combined oil and pigment and named it Cray-Pas®, a combination of the two words crayon and pastel.
Our company heritage in art materials led to development of a specialized ink technology, Pigma® ink, which is used in our Micron®, Graphic and Brush pens. In the early 80’s, Sakura’s labs identified the need for an inexpensive drafting tool that used superior pigment instead of low-grade dye inks. The breakthrough came with the discovery of how to reduce the pigment particles to submicron size so that the inks flow evenly through even the narrowest of pen nibs. Today, Pigma ink continues to be the most reliable archival quality ink on the market and is loyally used by architects, calligraphers, scientists, artists, cartoonists, and scrapbookers, to name a few.