Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Etsy Vintage

I have a soft spot for vintage furniture, home decor, and kitchen wares. It says alot when something made several decades ago, stood the test of time. It tends to be well made if not handmade, and many times handpainted too. I think back in the days things were made in smaller batches by skilled craftsmen with the consumer in mind. Its also fun for me to take the children and scour our local Goodwills or vintage shops. It's neat to be able to teach them that not all is what it seems. At a glance the shelves may look dusty and cluttered, but when you find an item that catches your eye, take it home , clean it, polish it, and display it lovingly, it truly does end up being a piece of treasure! The kids and I call it our "treasure hunt".
Sometimes I cannot believe what beauties have fallen right into my lap and might I add at very reasonable prices!

With that said, the great thing about shopping for vintage items on Etsy is that you can find items from all over the world! Here are a few of my favorite items I came across recently.

                 vintage parasol 50s JapanEames                   Eames Herman Miller Fiberglass Shell Chair