Monday, September 10, 2012

Mix & Match Lego

I had a lot of fun playing Legos with Jaxon and Maya this weekend!
 We combined several Lego sets and made our own home. We don't own any of the intricate fancy schmancy themed sets, but it was a fun way to exercise the kids imagination and create whatever their hearts desired! Here's a little tour of our Lego home.

We are especially proud of our toilets equipt with flush valve and all, and I was impressed with Maya's development of the Master shower and table lamp. Our Lego people definitely took many
trips to the bathroom so that they could use the toilet and showers! Jaxon (4), who received the Lego Dirtbike Transporter set as a gift this weekend, was able to construct the whole thing by himself.
I think they both did a great job!