Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween on my mind

As we move into October, Halloween is definitely on my mind.
Halloween is that one time of year where you can be anything you want to be!
When I was a child my mother would make my costume, and it was really fun
to try and find different things around the house to make the outfit complete.
To see a costume develop from simple materials is pretty amazing, almost like a dream!
That is why I continue on with the tradition of making Jaxon and Maya's costume
from scratch every year.  

Maya as a mermaid
Materials: deconstructed previous year's Statue of Liberty costume,
shopping bag tail, handpainted gold details.

Jaxon as a soldier
Materials used: his grandfather's BDU deconstructed, rug pad remnants, etc.
This year I am to make a Cleopatra and Ninja costume. At this point, it sounds overwhelming, I really don't know where to start.