Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cultural Day, The Japanese Way

Tomorrow is "Cultural Day" at Maya and Jaxon's school. Students are encouraged to come to school in cultural/traditional attire. Maya will be dressed in a 'yukata' a more casual version of the Japanese silk kimono. Yukata's are often worn during the spring and summer months on outings such as outdoor festivals called an "Omatsuri". My mother studied traditional Japanese dance from a very young age and is a certified "odori" instructor. She taught Maya and I the proper way to wear the yukata and to tie the 'obi' the sash.We also got a crash course in the proper way to stand, walk, and sit in one as well.
Jaxon had a boy's yukata on earlier, but he didn't last long enough for me to be able to photograph him.

I've always loved the colorful textiles used for the yukata's and kimonos. The colors are just beautiful!
My mother dressed Maya effortlessly, but looks like I may have to rise an hour early tomorrow morning for me to get this right!