Wednesday, February 5, 2014

mother & son

We went to a "Mother & Son" bowling event for school the other night.
They encouraged us to wear something match-y. Thank goodness my mother brought back
matching T-shirts for myself and the kids from their recent trip to Spain.
Otherwise we wouldn't have had anything similar to wear.
Matching shirts by Toro de Fuego Sevilla, Spain.

It was our first 'mother & son' school event together.

By the way, the shoes I'm wearing are from the Puma Black Label, a collaboration between Puma and Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro. J got them for me for Christmas, since he knew I was gaga over them for awhile! These shoes are amazing! I love the retro 80s high-top look, but on top of that they are super comfortable! They also have a 3 inch built in wedge which is great for a 5 ft. 3" shorty like me.
I walk around amusement parks in these and not once have they made my feet hurt.
If you are interested they carry them here: Waraku USA, a Japanese Tokyo street style store out of Venice, CA.

Jaxon's shoes / Toms Botas style : My pants / Uniqlo

They come in other colors too! Check it out here .