Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOVE DAY treats

I based my box design from this cool geometric heart template I found here.
I wanted it to be sturdy and larger so that I could put treats in it, so I used a copier after I printed the template out and increased the size to 200%. I printed several copies of this on regular color paper for the copy machine. I then applied the template onto a cardstock with tacky glue. After the glue had dried, I cut the design out and assembled and voila! a large enough box to put treats in!

The arrows are made with toothpick adorned with paper.
The hearts are felt cut-outs.
These are origami hearts. I used this folding instructions.
I then punched holes on the sides and tied it onto a piece of cardstock.
It creates a nice pocket, enough to include a simple treat.
I added Yummy Earth organic lollipops for the kiddie treats.