Thursday, September 5, 2013

Roadtrip (Part 2)

 We started off the second morning with the much anticipated Heath Ceramics tour
in Sausalito, California.
This was my thing, so I was very excited!
My daughter Maya took this photo....

Inside their lovely shop!
You can purchase "seconds" only at this location for an affordable price! 
Our guide was awesome! 

See the beautiful handmade vintage ceramic tiles in the background?
Those were made by Edith Heath herself. 

It is a one hour tour and you really learn a lot about their process.
I was surprised my kids patiently listened through the whole tour.
I do recommend your children to be at least 6 year old to accompany you on this however.

Look at all the colors! 
After our tour ended we walked right down to the harbor (about a 100 feet away), and had lunch at Fish.
Fish is located right on the harbor where you seat yourself outside and enjoy the nice view of docked boats as well as the cool houseboats Sausalito is known for. Although this spot is a bit 'touristy' with touristy prices, the food was surprisingly very very good! I usually do not expect much from 'tourish traps' but Fish really delivered!
Maya with grandpas hat. Patiently waiting for our food! 
We shared the white chowder, tuna melt, Alaskan halibut fish and chips, and the Saigon salmon sandwich.
Everything was delicious, but the salmon sandwich was outstanding! Imagine a Vietnamese bahn mi with salmon instead of grilled pork! After our awesome lunch, we took a stroll along the harbor then hopped back in the car to take the kids to the Bay Discovery Museum right up the street.

the drive around Sausalito is so relaxing and nice! 
 The Bay Discovery Museum is so much for the the kids! Their outdoor area is amazing with a whole lot of space to run around.
Ocean wonders
 Their indoor exhibits are sectioned off nicely by theme in individual rooms. I've been to other discovery centers where everything is located in one massive room, and that can sometimes be overwhelming.
I really liked the small themed rooms, not only so that its easier to keep your eye on the little ones, but it made it fun for the kids to move from room to room.
A pirate ship ruin

Even daddy got into it! Cute handbag honey...

getting their hoop on! 

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The view of the Golden Gate bridge is amazing from here too! 
Sausalito was an amazing place! I really fell in love with this area.