Friday, February 7, 2014

Feather pencils

My daughter Maya is turning 9 tomorrow. She was born in 2005 Year of the Rooster.
I always try to make something for the kids to take to school on their birthday.
This year we made feather pencils for Maya to pass out to all her classmates.

It was really fun to make and so simple!

What you will need: 
Feathers ( 6- 8 feathers per pencil)
Glue gun / glue sticks
Embroidery thread
Mod Podge / decoupage

1. I purchased the feathers at a local craft store. Michaels.
2. The metallic pencils I purchased at Target. Comes 10 a pack.
3. Glue feathers along the metal part of the eraser one feather at a time.
    For big feathers I used about 6, and about 8 for the smaller feathers.
    It's up to you how fluffy you want it.
4. Then tie a knot with the embroidery thread. About 1/2" above the base of the feathers you
     had glued down. Wrap neatly all the way down then tie another knot.
5. Brush the wrapped embroidery thread with Mod Podge.
6. Let dry overnight before you package them. 
1. I printed tags on cardstock.
2. I applied duck tape to the back to make it nice!
3. I used scrapbooking paper and cut out some hearts.
4. Punched holes in them and used hemp string to make the hang tags.  

Lollipop treat bags works great for pencils.
In this case Maya wanted the feathers exposed, so I tied the bag like a flower bouquet, with
a bit of feather showing out from the top. Hang the tags and Voila! Cute feather pencils!