Thursday, February 13, 2014

Images of a 9 year old girl

A gift from Uncle JJ. Feeding her fishy for the first time....and with a tiny spoon. 
Photos from Maya's birthday weekend.

Feather pencils she passed out to all her classmates. 

Maya's choice of beverage for the evening...a virgin strawberry daiquiri. 

An additional surprise gift for our girl! @ Lili Claspe

Cute succulent. 
A cute little flower. 
More juice for the girl. She loves her fruit juices!@ Birdie Juicery

A quiet morning with her favorite girl Lulu. 

Born Year of the Rooster. 

A little bit of fire. 
An afternoon spent with her favorite Aunty Michelle. 

Her favorite cake. Raspberries with chocolate mousse. 

A surprise celebration with her dance crew. 

We hope all your wishes come true Maya!