Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Black & white photos

I added a touch of color to these black & white photos and I really like how they came out.

Maya is pretending to be the lead investigator in a missing persons case.
The 'crime scene' is suppose to be a graveyard which is really part of our backyard, and she
dug a hole and planted the shovel and notebook. You gotta love how serious she looks playing
the part, but yet she's wearing slippers on her feet!

 I highlighted her 'pretend' oversized glasses, and the 'red notebook', a key piece of evidence left at the 
crime scene. This scene is based on a recent book she read titled "Girl Meets Ghost" by Lauren Barnholdt.
As part of her school book report project, Maya is to pretend the main character from the story, Kendall Williams, went missing. She wants to create a  'missing persons police file' for her project. How fun is that? 

I might want to play more with this idea of adding touches of color to black and whites. I think it looks neat!