Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Day In San Diego Part 2

After the San Diego Zoo we took a stroll over to the Spanish Village Art Center. Its a beautiful historic place housing hundreds of local artists' work. 

We took Maya to the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society museum and store located within the village, so that she can see all the beautiful gems and stones on display. It's a little place, but just enough "museum" for kids. They sold loose stones in bins and Maya walked away with a handful of semi-precious stones to add to her collection. 

I must say the most beautiful thing about this place is that the whole village has these amazing colorful walkways.

All the shops are so cute! I really loved the rounded doorways and pops of color everywhere! 

We did not get to walk into every single shop and see all the artists' work on display, but it still was definitely a beautiful place to visit. The kids were pretty pooped at this point, so we walked over to the trams and took a free ride around Balboa Park. My kids love tram rides, and so do I! It's such a great way to see the whole park, especially if you are tired of walking....and if you know Balboa Park it is pretty huge. 

It was an awesome day!