Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pom Pom Bunny

Do you need a cute little bunny to add to your Easter basket? 
Or perhaps as a last minute pencil topper, or table decorations to embellish your place cards with? 

Here is an easy pom pom bunny you can make in 5 steps!
What you will need:

1. 3 different pom pom sizes. (for the head, body, and tail)
2. a small piece of white and pink felt. (for the ears)
3. a small piece of embroidery thread or any string (for the bow)
4. glue gun


1. Glue the pom poms together.
    Starting with the medium (head), large (body), and small (tail) in that order.
2. Cut 2 ear shapes out of white felt.
3. Cut 2 pieces of pink felt in the shape of the ears, but smaller.
4. Glue the pink felt to the white felt to make the ears. Glue to the head (medium pom pom).
5. Tie a bow, and dab glue to the knot.

Voila! One sweet bunny!