Friday, February 15, 2013

Lulu is 4 months.

Lulu turned 4 months old yesterday on Valentine's Day!
Its been like having a baby in the house again.
We mostly have to watch her because she puts everything and anything in her mouth.
I'm grateful that she is competely potty trained and she sleeps through the night.
The two most important things for a mother! haha.
She's been a great addition to our family!
Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

past weekend.

We had a fun-filled weekend as we celebrated Maya's 8th birthday.
We ate a lot of good food, took the kids to the California Science Center, and spent time with family.

We had dinner with family.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fruit tarts vs. Birthday Cakes

I probably mentioned it at some point that my children do not eat cake.
They love ice cream, they love sweets, but they both claim that cake is too dry
and the frosting too sweet. And so for my fruit-loving children, they prefer
the fruit tarts with buttery crust lined with custard cream, and mounds of fresh berries piled on top.
So for Maya's birthday, we ordered a mixed berry tart from our favorite
organic bakery, Le Pain Quotidien.

Happy Birthday to my Maya!

First day as an 8 year old....what goes through your mind Maya?
I can't believe my little Maya is 8 today! Gosh how time flies....
Although Maya picks out her own outfits, somehow she dresses similar to me.
Maybe we have similar taste?