Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I was happy to receive the latest September 2014 issue of Tuinieren magazine in the mail the other day, which features my diy outdoor seating project.

Tuinieren is a gardening magazine from the Netherlands and the whole magazine is in Dutch.

Translation:  From the moment Lena Sekine could hold her pencil, she wished to lead a creative life.
                     "Do It Yourself" is part of her lifestyle, even in her outdoor space. She made this bench
                      from four hardwood beams resting on painted concrete. The cushion is cut from a
                      mattress pad and the covers are made from curtain remnants. The painting on the wall is
                      also her own design. lenasekine.blogspot.com

Thank you to Kristin for the sweet feature! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jaxon's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my little man Jaxon!

Jaxon celebrated his 7th birthday over the weekend.
Born on International Peace Day, this nature and animal lover asked for 'planting seeds' for his birthday.
How funny is that? He currently has a cuban oregano plant, venus fly trap, and a small cactus he bought
with his own money in Arizona. He definitely has a greener thumb than I.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Recent doodles

Late night doodles.

"Fly With Me"

"Untitled" work in progress.

"Love Mandala"

"Fresh On My Mind"

"Change The World"

"Canyon Breeze"

Quick freestyle drawings using Molotow markers, Sakura Gelli Rolls, and Uni Ball pens. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Arrow Pencils

Jaxon turns 7 this coming weekend, so I made these arrow pencils he can hand out in class this Friday.

What you will need:

1. Pencils ( I bought mine at Target for $2.99 for a pack of 12)
2. Feathers (These purple ones are from Michaels. They also carry various colors)
3. Embroidery thread
4. Felt (I used one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet for 30 pencils)
5. Acrylic paint markers ( I like Molotow available at Dick Blick )
    You can use acrylic paint and a detail brush as well
6. Mod Podge (decoupage)
7. Hot glue gun
8. Scissors

Monday, September 8, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Olli Loungers

I really want one of these Olli Loungers bad!! They are so beautiful!

These are all hand-embroidered using the Otomi embroidery technique. The heart of Otomi embroidery is located in the town of Tenango, Hidalgo, Mexico. Tenango, a small town located on a plateau in a lush valley surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls is home to hundreds of embroiderers.

 Olli a luxury craft company, based in San Francisco, is dedicated to designing beautiful handmade products that honor technique and tradition. They work with a small collective of embroiderers to produce a range of custom luxury soft furniture and pillows. The embroiderers are registered with the government and set their prices with Olli for each project every year. It takes an embroider 3 to 4 months to complete an Olli Lounger.

I will take one of each please!

Olli / 550 Florida Street, Suite E, San Francisco, CA 94110 / 415-205-4200