Friday, October 31, 2014

Featured in Inhabitots

Maya's 2010 Statue of Liberty costume was featured in Inhabitots 7 Awesome Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids post yesterday! Wow, Maya looks so little. She's only 5 years old here. 

Inhabitots is the baby/parenting focused website with the motto "sustainable design for the next generation. The site was started during the summer of 2008 by founder Jill Fehrenbacher as she prepared for the arrival of her first child in August 2008. was created as a resource for parents, families, and anyone else interested in sustainable modern design for children. Inhabitots receives 1.29 million page views a month. 

We have been sharing our "green" costumes with the Inhabitots community since 2008. 
Thank you Beth for the kind feature! If you're interested in creating this Statue of Liberty costume, I shared this how-to post on Inhabitots. 

Happy Halloween!

The Shining
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Manchester-based creative agency Creative Spark releases a series of horror-film-themed prints to buy during Halloween. The The Little Print Shop of Horror IV is into their 4th year of releasing these creepy cute prints. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jaxon's Knight Costume

Armor: Recycled plumbing insulation foam is used to create the armor.

 Armor details are created with dimensional puffy paint. The body armor wears like a vest with velcro
 straps on the sides and shoulders.

Armor on the knees and arms are made for movement. Individual foam pieces are connected together with brads. Velcro is used to attach the armor to the clothing.

Helmet:  Papier mache. Cardboard structure with newspaper strips and a white flour and water mixture.
                Details are created with puffy paint. Face guard is made with foam and attached to the side of the
                helmet with brads so that it could swing open and closed.

Shield: $1.00 plastic serving tray with puffy paint detail. The knots of the rope handles are hidden with 
             ping pong balls split in half. Silver spray paint finish. 

Sword: Plastic light-up sword sprayed silver.

Maya's Athena Costume

Dress: $1.00 plastic tablecloth with gold ribbon trimming.

Helmet: Cardboard structure, newspaper papier mache. Puffy paint for dimension and feathers.
               Original post on the helmet is here if you are interested.

Arm cuffs: Maya added strips of newspaper to felt. Puffy paint for dimension and gold paint.
                  Velcro closure.

     Spear: End of a broom stick, foam tip, puffy paint for details, and gold paint.

Shield: $1.00 plastic serving tray. Puffy paint detail and gold paint.

Cape: My old sleeveless knit dress cut in half, buttons removed, arm holes sewed closed. 
           Ribbon trim details. 

    Belt: Rope painted gold.

Slippers: Maya's yard slippers painted gold.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals

I was always fascinated by Hermes and his winged sandals. As a child I thought it would be so cool to have such a pair that could whisk me right up into the sky. Fashion icon Jeremy Scott has been designing such sneakers for Adidas originals , and recently launched one with a gold colorway for Fall/Winter 2014.

I personally like the white one with the transparent details. Cool! 

How fun would it be to wear these with funky socks. 

The wings are pretty bad ass. If I bought a pair, I'd probably be the only mom in the suburbs rocking them, however...ha! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Graphic Ts for Men under $10

Uniqlo currently has cool Graphic T-shirts for Men online for under $10.

Check out their whole collection here

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Skull a Day

Work By Well is a Hong Kong based graphic design and illustration studio that designs a Skull A Day on Instagram. I love these!

Skull 40. #well #workbywell #skull #series#skulladay #askulladay #illustration #design #graphicdesign #vector #texture #cactus #potplant

Skull 39. #well #workbywell #skull #series#skulladay #askulladay #illustration #design #graphicdesign #vector #texture #instagram #icon

Skull a day 33 #well #workbywell #skull #daily #skulladay #askulladay #illustration #design #graphicdesign #vector #texture #toaster #retro #toast #electronics

Skull a day 13 #well #workbywell #skull #daily #skulladay #illustration #design #graphicdesign #vector #texture #zissou #wesanderson #thelifeaquatic #stevezissou #teamzissou #zzz #billmurray

Skull a day 24 #well #workbywell #skull #daily #skulladay #askulladay #illustration #design #graphicdesign #vector #texture #noodles #bowl #chopsticks #chinesefood

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Decorations

We finally started putting up some Halloween decorations over the weekend. 

I used the Duck Brand duct tape for this "Happy Halloween" shout-out!

This is my papier mache spider I made last year. It is made with newspaper dipped in a flour and water mixture. The body and head were made by adding the papier mache to different sized rubber balls. 
The web is created with string I bought from Home Depot. Click here for the old post. 

A quick Sharpie doodle I did entitled, "Life Can Be Wicked Fun." 

I used exactly 45 yards of duct tape which includes one large heart.
Still more to come....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apartment Therapy Feature!

Apartment Therapy  featured Maya's Cleopatra Costume in their recent DIY Halloween write-up! 
Check it out for 17 other cool kids costumes you can make from stuff around your house. 
This Cleopatra costume was made with a pillowcase, paper shopping bag, and vinyl stickers. 
The original post for this costume is here if you are interested. 

Thank you Lauren  for the sweet feature!